Behind the Scenes: A Moment of Transparency

Behind the Scenes

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For a long time…

I was caught up in people- what they thought, what they said, how they felt about me and their opinions on my life. Keeping up images, appearances, and pretending all was ok, all the while maintaining a reflection of perfection. I would put everyone’s needs before mine. I would go here, there and everywhere, meeting the needs of my husband, kids, friends, and church etc. Then, I reached a level of complete burnout and I was ready to give up on life. However, I pressed and pressed until one day I broke down and surrendered it all to GOD.

Surrender it All

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A few years ago…

I gave all of my worries to GOD and it was then he started to make me mover again. He molded me into the woman he desired me to be. Over these past couple years, He has taken me on a total self-care journey. You see, I was loving my “neighbors” for the sake of myself. So in reality, I was going against everything His word says in Mark 12:31. I was blocking my blessings and inhibiting my destiny. In order for me to walk into His destiny for me, I had to begin living by His greatest commandments. My destiny was waiting for me to get in line. Love GOD, love myself, then I would be able to love others.

It seems simple, yet I struggled with this for many years. Let me tell you, this has been a journey of all journeys. It has been a process. I learned a lot of harsh truths and realities about myself and the things I was doing. I cried many tears, spent many late nights in prayer and conversation with God through the whole process. Little by little he revealed me to me and I am thankful for that revelation.

I see Me

I realized…

my willingness to submit to God opened so many doors for me. I went through this self-care journey, and now I can share what I learned with you. God blessed me to write and publish my story in my book “Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds”. In my book, I detail my journey from teen mom to successful businesswoman. I have wanted to tell my story for years, but I had to wait until I was in position and aligned with GOD to effectively deliver it. It took me several years to write, edit, and publish this work. In this book, I encourage you to take your pen and writing your own script. Do not allow others to write your story for you. I use tips, stories, and exercises to help you create your unique plan for success. This book is not just for teen moms, in fact, you don’t have to be a mom or a woman to walk away with inspirational gems from my story.

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You can read more about my story here. Also get your copy of my book by visiting my shop or Amazon.

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Behind the scenes



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  1. We’ve all been here many times before!!!! Surrendering to God is much more difficult than it looks and takes a lot of time faith and effort! Thank you for sharing your story!

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