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Welcome to February!

Many exciting things happen this month. We celebrate Groundhog’s day (who’s ready for spring? ME!!!), Valentine’s Day, and all month long we celebrate Black History

I don’t know about you but this year January seem to last forever. Seriously, this seemed like the longest January in the history of January’s. But, I’m not complaining.  I accomplished a lot last month and am grateful January did not pass me by. In January, I revamped my blog and social media platforms while gaining insightful knowledge on blogging, writing, and marketing.

Yesterday, just in time to close out the month, I celebrated having my first ever guest post published on an amazing site. Adazing Book Marketing posted my article titled “Are You Having Second Thoughts About Self-Publishing?”.

Are you ready to give up and thrown in towel when it comes to writing and publishing a book? If so, I need you to head over to Adazing and check out my insightful and informative post about self-publishing, as well as all the other great resources on the site. Be sure to share, pin, like, and/or comment on the post. Don’t keep the great knowledge to yourself.


Books on Bookshelf


As you can see January was a busy month for me, but now it is time to say:

Goodbye January


Hello February


So now that February is here, I can’t wait to see what this month has in store. This year I will be doing two special things for the month of February:

Celebrating YOU and celebrating LOVE

This month I want to celebrate the gem inside each of you.

In honor of Black History this month I will be shining the spotlight on influential black women of the past, present, and future. These MOcha Gems have reached great achievements.  These women (and young ladies) have built empires and created their legacy.



I think it is necessary to celebrate black women especially when I have the platform to do so. This does not me that I will not celebrate other women. However, black women often do not get the accolades or acknowledgment that we deserve. We (black women) are often not shown in a positive light, and sadly when many get a platform, instead of lifting each other up, we find ways to tear each other down.

Black women group


When I started blogging, I promised myself I would not only use my platform to uplift and empower all women but whenever I get the chance I will shine the spotlight on women of color, especially beautiful black women. So this black history month is dedicated to you.


But that’s not all… I want to celebrate all of you. If you are a woman, creating your own path in life and living out your dreams, contact me to be featured as a MOcha Gem.

Celebrate a Group of Women

The Month of LOVE


February is also LOVE month. Valentine’s Day is this month and we honor the ones we love. I will be sharing creative ideas for Valentine’s day and ways to celebrate that do not cost a lot of money.

Love diary

But what better way to celebrate the month of love than to give love to the number one person in your life… YOU!

Pointing emoji


You have to love yourself first before you can truly love anyone else. So while we celebrate our loved ones on Valentine’s day, I want you to use the other days to practice self-love. The love you give yourself is the best love of all. You are in control of it and no one can take that love away.


I am so excited to spread the love this month!

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Happy love month!




Hello February

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