Blogger Confessions: 5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid Now

Making mistakes when you start blogging is normal. I made this blogging mistakes so YOU don't have to. Learn from the mistakes I made and hopefully your beginner blogging days are less frustrating and overwhelming. #blogging #bloggingtips via @authorwannmo

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In my Usher voice, “These are confessions…” Here are five blogging mistakes you need to avoid. Try not to make these mistakes. Learn from the mistakes I made. I repeat:


How many times have you tried your hand blogging? Are you someone who has repeatedly started blogging than stopped? How many times have you struggled with concepts and formulating ideas? How many times have you felt like quitting and giving up on your blog dreams?

If you are like me then the answer is TOO MANY TIMES...

Over the past several years, I have started blogging and stopped several times. Each time I had a great idea, a great concept. I would throw together my ideas, secure a domain, and start building my website. Then after I’d get my website up and running, I would find myself staring at a blank computer screen wondering what to do next? I had great ideas, but for some reason, I just couldn’t bring them to fruition. I struggled and then soon I would just stop. Time after time, I fell into this pattern, and each time I would get frustrated, abandon the process, and move on to something else.

Why did this keep happening to me? Why did I struggle to bring life to my ideas? I had a wealth of information and knowledge to share with others, but for some reason, things just would not work. Eventually, I decided to evaluate my process and realized I was doing everything completely wrong! I spent countless hours researching and reevaluating my process. I soon embarked on a rebranding journey and launched my fresh, new (and finally right) brand and blog.

Can you relate to my experience? Are you ready to put your ideas into motion and do not know where to start? On the other hand, have you made many unsuccessful attempts at blogging and you are finally ready to get it right. I made many mistakes on my journey and I want to help you avoid some of these same mistakes. Below are the mistakes made and the lessons learned during my blogging startup. Avoid these mistakes and successfully put your plans into action.



I spent months overthinking my ideas. Always saying, “Now isn’t the right time” or “I’m waiting for the perfect time”. I would research ideas then research them again. I would write notes, create pins, and map out my ideas. Yes, when blogging, it is necessary to have a thorough plan but there is such a thing as over planning. When you plan without action, you wind up with a bunch of ideas written on paper, tucked away in a notebook or computer file, collecting dust.

Do not get stuck in the planning phase! Create your personal plan for success then put action behind your plans. There is no such thing as a “perfect” or “right” time. The only time is NOW. Start and watch your ideas evolve before your eyes.  In order to be successful, you simply have to start! Just start!


Beginning my blogging adventures, I was caught in the comparison trap. I spent a lot of time researching ideas, taking notes, and trying to make my blog fit in with others around me. A lot of time was spent reading post after post about the importance of having a niche. I looked around at other blogs in my “niche” (as suggested by other blog posts) then tried to make all of my content fit perfectly into this niche.  I set myself up for failure and disappointment, big time! Then I realized this blog is mine! It does not have to fit into any box. If I cannot find a “niche”, then I can create my own. I focused on originality, individuality, and finally found the freedom in my blogging.

Do not fall victim to the comparison trap. Your blog and brand is an extension of your personality. It should adequately represent you and your passion. Make it personal. It is important that you streamline your ideas and present clear, focused content. However, do not pressure yourself by trying to “fit in” with other blogs.  If your blog does not fit into a particular niche, create your own. With a unique plan and rich content, you can successfully launch your blog.


When I first started blogging, I thought I could launch my blog and the ideas would just flow. I had no real plan, no strategy. I had an idea and I wanted to blog so I did. As I mentioned earlier, I encountered roadblock numerous times and could not come up with content to add to my beautifully crafted pages.

In order to find success in blogging (or anything else), you MUST have a plan. Everyone develops plans differently. I prefer the traditional method of writing in my notebook and using a calendar. Others prefer electronic planning tools. Whatever method you choose, you need to have a plan.


Consistency is an important part of the planning process. You want to bring consistent blog content to your subscribers to keep them engaged. The rate of consistency is up to you. However, you choose to blog, just make a plan and stick with it. You may have to make changes along the way but always maintain your consistency.

When I first started my blog, I tried to blog every day several times a day. This was not realistic for me. I am not a full-time blogger (yet). Not only do I work full-time but also I have wife/mom/woman life. Blogging all day every day simply was not happening for me. I could not really keep up with this blogging schedule.

This led to a lack of consistency. I would have many posts on one-day then go days and sometimes weeks before I posted something else.  In addition, trying to keep up with this schedule added stress to my life. I started blogging for fun, as an outlet and escape. Something I enjoyed doing. It should not have brought additional stress. Once again, I reevaluated my process and created a plan that worked for me.

Now, I have a concrete plan and a consistent schedule. Instead of blogging all day, every day I set aside specific times to work on my blog and/or brand. For some people, making multiple posts, several times of day works, but for me, I dedicate a few days a week to posting content. I usually reserve Saturdays and/or Sundays for writing and scheduling content. Now instead of coming up with content daily, I schedule my content in advance so that it publishes on a specific day.

I use scheduling tools for my social media posts. Many scheduling apps exist that can make blogging a whole lot easier. Many sites offer great resources and planning tools. Using scheduling apps and developing a consistent plan has made life a lot less hectic for me. I have eliminated the unnecessary blogging stress from my already busy wife/mom life. PLAN. SCHEDULE. BE CONSISTENT.


Blogging is a process. Success does not come overnight. Do not get discouraged by expecting too much too soon. I expected instant success when I first started blogging. I expected to create my blog, launch, and have my site flooded by subscribers and visitors. Of course, that did not happen.

I am going to let you in on a little inside secret; something I wish someone told me. The beginning weeks of blogging are LONELY! When you first start your blog, you will spend many days talking to yourself. LOL! Seriously. You will post and share content. Share links to your blog, develop great material and have little to no engagement on your site.

I encourage you to trust the process. Everyone has a time and a season. Keep doing the work and eventually, someone will notice.  Slowly you will build an audience and your engagement will increase.

Even now, I am in the beginning stages of my new brand. I am slowly building my audience on my blog and social media platforms. Are my days of talking to myself over? I certainly hope so, but there are no guarantees. I will keep blogging, creating and posting content, perfecting my craft and eventually someone will be there listening.

Do not get discouraged when your list is not growing, when you are not getting any “likes” and “follows”, and no one is engaging in your posts. Your time will come. Learn all you can about blogging during this season. Take in all you need to know about content building, marketing, SEO, brand consistency, etc. Use this stage as your learning process, that way when the subscribers come you do not waste any time or miss any moments of interaction. Remain dedicated to your craft, work through your plan, and eventually, you will have an audience.

I made these five mistakes and more when I first started blogging. I hope that you learned from my experience and can avoid making similar mistakes. As a special gift to you, I have included a bonus tip for you.


Blogging is all about interactions and networking. Do not isolate yourself. In the past, I did not connect with any other bloggers or blogging groups. I was scared to seek out interactions for fear; no one would want to help me. I thought they would see me as competition and send me on my merry way.

I have learned that the blogging community is very helpful and very resourceful. The audience base is large enough that we all can find our spot and be successful. There are enough “fans” for all of us. We do not have to compete; instead, we should help each other succeed. Collaboration among bloggers is huge. Many bloggers work together to help each other establish a platform. This is great. What better way to learn than from people who once walked in similar shoes.

All bloggers start somewhere. No one (that I know of) launched a blog and found overnight success. No one gained 2,000 subscribers in one day along with highly engaged social media profiles and groups. Many bloggers work for months, even years before the masses notice them.  Every experienced blogger was once a beginner. A beginner who I am sure made multiple mistakes before they got it right.

Do not be afraid to connect and network. Join Facebook groups. Make connections on Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Seek out bloggers who relate to your areas of interest. Do not be afraid to ask questions of your peers. Many blogger support groups exist on Facebook. Join groups and start interacting. Ask questions. You will find your fellow bloggers are more than willing to help you in the journey. Find a group that works for you and start networking.

I hope you avoid frustrations by avoiding these mistakes. For content like this and more, be sure to subscribe to my blog. I would love to connect and collaborate with you.  Stay tuned for more exciting freebies and giveaways on my blog.



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4 thoughts on “Blogger Confessions: 5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid Now”

  1. You’ve nailed this, I’m every single one! It takes me ages to blog although I know what I want to say being such a perfectionist I need it perfect and that doesn’t always have to be like that! Very helpful, thank you!

  2. This hit the nail on the head. Blogging is hard work. It takes time for getting an audience and for people to know who you are. I admit that when I started, I would blow up stat. However, it didn’t happen that way. Two years I am happy to stick with it, gain devoted readers and new opportunities.

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