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I have a confession, I love reading! There is nothing like getting lost in a well-written, well-developed novel or finding new ways to improve through a thorough self-help book. I love God and I also, love books. I love being inspired by motivational works, then turn around and indulge my guilty pleasure by reading a good urban fiction tale. All types of books, fiction, and non-fiction, catch my attention.

There is nothing like sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading a good book.  From the time I was a child, reading and writing have been my passion. I love chick lit, contemporary, urban, and African-American fiction, inspirational, self-help, self-improvement books. I love seeing how an author can weave together a story, tale, plan, and effectively deliver it to their audience.

One thing I noticed in my years of reading is the absence of the African-American voice in book blogging and book reviews. Along with this missing voice, I noticed the lack of unity among African-American authors, publishers, and even readers. There seems to be negativity among the African-American literary world. It’s as if no one wants to see anyone else succeed, but why? Why can we not support each other? Believe it or not, there is room for all of us. We can all be successful. We do not have to tear our brother or sister down in order to be successful. There are enough readers, fans, and audiences for all of us.

The Brown Bookworm

Welcome to the Brown Bookworm section of this blog!

A place for authors, readers, and writers to come together on one platform and share in our love of books and more. I especially want to hear from self-published and indie authors, as well as new and aspiring authors from all different genres who are often overlooked by other blogs and media. On this site, you will find reviews of the works from well-known authors, as well as up-and-coming, new authors.

I want this section of the blog to be fun, interactive, and enjoyable. A place we can all unite for a common interest. Too often, we tear each other down in various areas, but at the Brown Bookworm, we want to uplift and help each other in our literary journeys. There is enough division without us tearing each other down and attacking each other on a professional or personal level.  We may not agree on everything, but we can respect each other’s opinions and views. There are enough readers and room for each of us to find our niche in the literary world. We face enough roadblocks; let’s stop standing in each other’s way, and help each other reach the next level.

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