How To Celebrate Your Wins

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Today’s post is a guest post from Mindset and Business Coach, Maria C. Krause. Maria is the founder and owner of “UNCHAIN your inner strength” online magazine and podcast. She shares with us today how we should celebrate even the smallest win. Maria has a very positive outlook on life and shares her inspirational messages with her community over on her website

“I am a strong believer that people shouldn’t be defined by the job we do for a living, because we are indeed capable to do anything when we put our mind and soul into it. Dare to dream…an when you do: DREAM BIG.” Maria C. Krause

Let’s take a look at what Maria has to share with us about celebrating wins.

How To Celebrate Your Wins

Every step you take in your personal life and business is a success, take a moment to celebrate it.

Women… We can multitask, do a thousand things at the same time, we take action because we know and need to get things done; and yet, at the same time, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the things we do because deep inside we feel we need to do more, or in some cases, we look for validation from someone else to remind us how awesome we are.

We tend to forget how to celebrate everything we do and most importantly, to celebrate who we are.

On the outside we try to keep it together, most of what we do comes naturally to us and that leads us to believe that is the norm, is what we are meant to do, and on the times that we don’t feel 100% or feel like doing NOTHING, we beat ourselves up for it. We yet have to learn how to enjoy and reward ourselves for what we are capable of doing, for the things that we accomplish; and that goes for everything you do, even the things that it might seem small or the norm, such as doing laundry, getting the house cleaned, working in your business or going to work every day.

When things need to get done, we do not hesitate, is like we put ourselves in autopilot mode and we do… So when you are trying to figure out what the key to success is, trust me when I tell you this… You already have it! ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!

In other words, doing what needs to get done without overthinking or hesitating.

If you’re a mother, you know that your children need to get fed, bathe, ready to go to school, teach them good manners, help them become better humans and the best they can be… They might be books for it, but at the end of the day, what needs to be done, comes naturally to you… Because, once again, you are taking the ACTION, you are doing the work!

But in the midst of it, you forget to reward yourself… Not because you don’t want to or don’t have time for it, because that’s part of your being and your nature.

You know every time you reward someone or compliment them for doing something good… What about start doing that for yourself and stop waiting on someone else to do it for you.

How empowering will that make you feel?!!! When you can tap yourself in the shoulder and tell yourself how awesome you are!

Have you ever caught yourself giving an air high five when you accomplished the everyday tasks that you had to do in the day?

Have you ever rewarded yourself after getting everything done and bought yourself something nice… Or even better, unplug and take time for yourself? To do whatever you want or do nothing at all? No pressure, no stress…Just whatever you like!

If you can’t remember the last time you did that, then you are not giving yourself enough credit and you’re not really valuing your worth.

Imagine what would happen if you stop doing all the things that you do? And if you can’t imagine it, do a test and try it for at least one day. Shut your phone off, go for a walk, or window shopping, or whatever it is that you want to do that will help you unchain from all the duties and responsibilities, and when you do it, enjoy it every minute of it, no regrets, no guilt.

Everything we do is valuable for someone else, and as women, we do it because it makes us happy and brings meaning to our lives… When we seek other people’s validation on who we are and what we do for them, then we lose sight of who we are and forget how important and valuable we are.

Celebrate every moment… You don’t have to be a rockstar or an athlete to feel you are successful… Everything you do in your life to better yourself and the life of others is a success itself. Celebrate it! Live it! Love it! Own who you are and what you do!

You’re freaking AWESOME!

Love, Light, BE. 


Thank you, Maria, for sharing such a great post with us. We have to remember to celebrate our wins, even the small wons. Mindset is everything. Do not downplay anything that you do.

You can connect with Maria on Facebook | Instagram. Be sure to check out her newly launched Podcast and online magazine, “Unleash Your Inner Strength” on iTunes |PodBean | Spotify.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you can best celebrate your wins.

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