Book Review Policy

Reading +Writing= my passion

I am an author, but way before I became an author I was a reader. Writing book reviews allows me to indulge in my passion for books while sharing my opinion and suggesting books for you to read.  Understand book reviews are subjective and tailored to individual preference. I may love a book and you may hate it, and vice versa.

My Policy

I am open to reading just about anything, although I prefer chick lit, contemporary, urban, and/or African American fiction, non-fiction, self-help, inspirational, and self-improvement books. That being said I choose what, when and which books I read and review. I will consider self-published and indie author books for review. If I review a book sent directly to me for review purposes, I will always disclose this within my review. All other reviews are of books  I have independently purchased. I will not accept review requests in exchange for a positive review, nor will review requests receive priority among other books. Sending an ARC or review request does not entitle you to preferential treatment or reviews.

No Guarantees

I cannot guarantee how long it will take me to post a review. If the author and/or publisher need a completed review within a certain time period, tell me and I will do my best to have it completed by that specific time.

I provide positive insights and constructive criticism on all books reviewed.  My reviews are honest and they accurately display my thoughts about a book. A rating tool will be displayed to explain my rating system. If I read a book that does not capture my interest or I am unable to finish it, then I reserve the right to rate it “NC” for not completed. This rating does not suggest the book is good or bad; it simply means I could not finish it or it wasn’t the right book for me.  If an author and/or publisher has questions at any time about my review of their book, do not hesitate to email me (insert hyperlink) or fill out the contact sheet found here (insert hyperlink). Remember my reviews are not about you personally, they are about your book.  Please do not send hate mail (LOL), if you disagree with one of my reviews.

Spellcheck Please

No one is perfect and mistakes happen. Grammar and spelling are very important to me, but will not have a negative impact on a review unless it takes away from my overall reading and enjoyment of the book. If errors are minimal and easy-to-fix, I will contact the author and/or publisher personally (if I have contact information) to kindly inform them of the errors.  If you need a test-reader, proofreading, and/or editing services at a reasonable price, contact me for more information.

Review Posting

I may post parts of my reviews on other sites at my leisure, time permitting. If you would like me to post a portion of my review on another site, please contact me and I will consider it.

What to Expect

You will not find a book synopsis or spoilers as part of my reviews. You can expect a clear, honest, and concise review.  In the event a spoiler is included in a discussion post or other area, I will post an alert at the beginning of the post. If anyone includes a spoiler in his or her comments, notice must be given at the beginning of the post.

I occasionally use affiliate links. It is my goal to help readers find new books they will love and help authors build their fan base by suggesting read worthy books that may get overlooked in the literary world.