Flaw-some is the New Awesome

Flawsome is the new awesome

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Happy Monday! My weekend was a blur and I can’t believe it’s Monday already. Anyway, I don’t want to prolong today’s Me Monday post.

TDeeksha, WonderfulWomen.Inhis week Me Monday is coming to us all the way from India. Today’s special guest is Deeksha who owns and operates WonderfulWomen. WonderfulWomen is a blog to show the world that women can do anything and everything as long as they get a chance to realize their dreams. Deeksha is the mom of a toddler and a teacher. On her blog, she writes inspirational stories of real women who have made a difference to the world. She offers featured spotlights of “Women on Top”, “Heroes Among Us”, as well as “Survival Stories”. Deeksha’s site is all about empowering women and letting the world hear our stories.  You can submit an inspirational story of your own as well as be a guest blogger for her to share your story with her audience. Find out more information here.

Today, Deeksha encourages us to embrace and loves ourselves through our flaws and all.

Take a look at Deeksha show us just why Flaw-some is the New Awesome!

Nobody is perfect in this world. All of us are born with certain talents certain Flaws as well. Both of these combine to make us unique individuals we are. Generally, we show off our talents proudly while we try to hide our flaws. Flaws or something that is considered a little negative in our personality is deemed bad by us. But it’s time we own our flaws as proudly as we own our talents ’cause Flawsome is the new Awesome! You become really awesome when you are able to admit and appreciate all the inbuilt flaws of your personality!

Flawsome is the New Awesome

Flawsome is the new Awesome!

Women especially need to embrace this new age philosophy that flawsome is the new awesome as they are particularly concerned about playing a “Perfect” wife, mother, girlfriend, daughter and so on roles. They are also quite worried about how they look. They have hair, skin, weight issues and often feel low due to them. They keep comparing themselves with other women and feel bad about themselves. They often go in ‘feeling guilty’ mode for not being as physically fit as their friends are or not being able to strike a ‘Perfect balance’ between work and family life. They also consider being over-weight or being under-weight as big flaws and remain stressed to manage them. Think seriously and answer do these ‘flaws’ really need so much time and attention from you? Absolutely not! They only lower your confidence and kill your creativity.

Flaunt your flaws with confidence

Flaunting your flaws gives you confidence and happiness that you never felt before!

If a woman with pimples on her face instead of feeling down starts telling everyone that it’s just a part of her skin problem and she doesn’t bother much about them she will feel good about herself. Same applies to all your ‘so-called flaws’ like being fat or short or too tall or remaining single or getting in new relationships frequently! Go ahead gracefully admit those flaws of your personality and shut everyone’s mouth by boldly saying, “I’m flawsome and I’m just like that! I don’t see the need to change myself for anyone. After all, flawsome is the new awesome!”

I'm flawsome. I don't need to change for anyone else.

Flaws, like the plus points in our personality, are God-gifted.

So why to be ashamed of them? I remember one of the class 10 boys I taught a few years back, who was being ridiculed by his classmates for having grey hair as a teenager! I called him after the class, asked why is he bothered about the comments of his classmates none of whom is perfect himself/herself? I told him every one of his classmates has his/her own flaws and so has he. He should simply reply to all those teasing fellows, “Yes I have grey hair and so what? This is my flaw and it makes me unique!” I was so happy to see that guy once broken in confidence, winning the title of ‘Mr. School’ feeling confident by admitting and owning his flaw! This gave me immense joy and I still thank myself for having made this guy understand the importance of being ‘flawsome.’

The famous Indian actor Hrithik Roshan often tells in his interviews that till date he has to practice to speak in public as he suffers from the problem of stammering! Besides, he also has 6 fingers in his right hand which people generally do not like. He could have got it removed through surgery but he didn’t. He very boldly owns these flaws. This makes Hrithik a role model for many who don’t dare admit their flaws and flaunt them.

WonderfulWomen hopes all of us have the confidence to flaunt our flaws and feel proud of them the way we take pride in our qualities! Let’s spread the word Flawsome is the new Awesome!


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You heard her ladies, flawsome is the new awesome so go ahead and flaunt it. Thanks, Deeksha for reminding us just how awesomely flawless we are.

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Flawsome is the new awesome. Guest Blogger @deekshatripathi reminds us all why it is important to embrace and love ourselves, flaws and all. Take a look at her words that remind you to walk into your awesomeness. via @authorwannmo


Flawsome is the new awesome. Guest Blogger @deekshatripathi reminds us all why it is important to embrace and love ourselves, flaws and all. Take a look at her words that remind you to walk into your awesomeness. via @authorwannmo

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