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The African-American voice often gets lost in the literary world.

I wanted a platform to highlight and display the work of African American writers and authors, especially the self-published author. Too often I visit various social media and web platforms and see negative (and sometimes hateful) reviews and discussions. Alternatively, I would see numerous positive reviews then I’d read a book and wonder I author (or publisher) paid for reviews. Or vice versa, I’d read a good book with negative reviews and it seemed like someone didn’t like the author so they in turn got others to leave negative markings. Subsequently I saw great books go unnoticed because self-published authors do not have a platform to highlight their work. Great work getting lost in the shuffle because those with promo teams or  a publisher backing monopolized the industry.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why we must continually tear each other down? Why must we argue with our follow authors? Why must we hate on the other person’s grind? Why do we not celebrate each others success and work together to help our brother or sister make it to the next level?

There are enough readers for all of us. I repeat, there are enough readers for all of us. The fan base of those who love reading is so large that there is enough for all of us. Instead of tearing down our brother or sister, we should share our platform, share our successes and failures so that we all can be successful. When one of us is successful, we all are successful. Our community becomes stronger when we all stand together and help each other.

This portion of this blog is a place for authors, readers, and writers to come together on one platform to share in our love of books and other things.

I want to give a voice to different kinds of authors with books published in the various ways now available. I love all books including those that are self-published or indie published.  I want to give a voice to new and aspiring authors from all different genres who are often overlooked by other blogs and media. On this site, you will find reviews of the works from well-known authors, as well as up-and-coming, new authors.

I want this blog to be fun, interactive, and enjoyable.

A place we can all unite for a common interest. Too often, we tear each other down in various areas, but this blog is about uplifting and helping each other in our literary journeys. There is enough division without us tearing each other down and attacking each other on a professional or personal level.  We may not agree on everything, but we will respect each other’s opinions and views. There are enough readers and room for each of us to find our niche in the literary world.

We face enough roadblocks; let’s stop standing in each other’s way, and help each other reach the next level.

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