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First Wednesday of June and this week I am treating you to a special double feature. Our first MOGW for the month is Bekah Osher. Yesterday, you got a chance to read Bekah’s story and if you haven’t figured out why she is a MOcha Gem by her story, then I am going to tell you below. 

But first…

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So yesterday I introduced you to Bekah and her story of trials, tribulations, but most important victory.  Bekah is truly a survivor with a story to tell. Bekah was in a relationship with a drug addict who was an extremely emotionally abusive man. She only had the strength to leave him once she had my daughter and realized that she deserved better. She garnered strength from her baby girl, won full custody of her, and worked extremely hard making minimum wage to make sure all her needs are met.

Bekah’s parents were kind enough to let her and her daughter live at home while she attempted to get back on her feet. Bekah suffered abuse so severe that she left the relationship with a bad case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She even had to learn how to do simple things such as talk and walk without being scared since his abuse left her having to learn how to be a person again.

About Bekah

Bekah was a single mom for a while until she met a great man who loved her and her daughter unconditionally. He has stepped up to be an amazing father to her, and his family has fully accepted them as their own. Thanks to his support, Bekah was able to become a stay at home mom. This helped greatly, especially because her parents became ill and they could no longer watch her daughter. Sadly, shortly thereafter her dad passed away.

Bekah is now a stay at home mom, taking care of her daughter, and babysitting two other small children. She spends most days chasing around 3 toddlers. At the same time, she is juggling school work since she recently just started her first semester of online college classes. Bekah recently started blogging also as an outlet and a way to encourage other mothers on their motherhood journey. She may be a stay at home mom, but she is also helping take care of her sick mom, 3 energetic toddlers, while juggling life as  a full-time student, homemaker, and new blogger hoping to monetize her ideas to bring additional income to her family.

Little Messy Hands is where Bekah encourages all mothers who feel there are just not enough hours in a day. As mothers, we tend to spread ourselves thin, and Bekah started her blog as a way to make life easier for moms. She shares picky approved recipes, activities for the entire family, as well as a segment I love called “Open Letters” which are letters written to the people in our lives who are no longer with us, or the people who have hurt us and also those we want to encourage along the way.

Bekah also talks a lot about abuse and domestic violence as well as the effects it may have on a woman, and more importantly how women can leave and recover from their situations. I absolutely love this part of her blog because I as a Certified Domestic Violence specialist and Victim Services specialist I work with abuse victims everyday. The world needs more voices like Bekah to advocate for and educate on domestic violence and abuse. ‘

Bekah is  a Mocha Gem who has made it her goal to help moms realize that life is perfectly imperfect and that it is okay to get our hands a little messy as we try and figure out this thing called motherhood.  

Fun Facts about this week's Mocha Gem

Bekah’s Fun Facts

  • She LOVES babies,
  • Lists are her thing. She makes lists for anything and everything,
  • She decorates cupcakes for a hobby.
Her favorite quote is “Damaged people are dangerous, because they know they can survive” Josephine Hart

Bekah practices self-care by taking a mental health day. This is a  day that she takes by herself every once in a while. Bekah finds a baby sitter, gets dressed up and goes out with either a friend or my boyfriend,

She practices yoga, and is attempting to start meditation. Also, she recently starting seeing a therapist to work on her issues with PTSD and depression to better myself mentally.

Be sure to check out all of the great content on Bekah’s blog. A couple of my favorite posts are: 25 Things I Will Teach My Daughter and A letter to… The Man Who Will Break Her Heart Before Any Boy Gets the Chance To.

You can connect with Bekah on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Thank you, Bekah once again for sharing your story so openly and honestly. You truly are a MOcha Gem who is doing her part to help other women realize their potential.

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Today for MOcha Gem Wednesday, we shine the spotlight on Bekah Osher of @littlemessyhands. Bekah is a mom blogger who inspires moms to be perfectly imperfect. Bekah shares her story of hurt, pain, triumph, and victory with the Mocha Masterpiece audience in hopes to encourage someone else to live and fight through life’s hard times. @authorwannmo

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