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MOcha Gem Wednesday is back! I have some amazing women that I will be featuring over the next few weeks. These women are from various backgrounds with various skills and talents, and I can’t wait to showcase each one of them.

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Today for MOcha Gem Wednesday, we shine the spotlight on Jennifer Gallagher, founder of Intentional Fate. Jennifer is a woman who woke one day and realized there had to be more to life than her current circumstances. Tired of routine daily living, Jennifer discovered life definitely had more to offer than mundane chores, taking care of family, and making someone else’s business successful. From this self-discovery, Intentional Fate was born.

Jennifer is now living her dream of running a successful business along with her business partner, Bethany. Jennifer works to inspire and empower women to take action to create the business of their dreams. Intentional fate is all about showing you how to get intentional about your business and your life so that you get the results you crave and finally start living your dreams.

Picture of Intentional Fate founder

About Jennifer

Jennifer has a B.S. in Leadership and Communications along with 20 years of experience as a business leader in digital marketing, sales, training and team management.

She spent the past 13 years working online as a Virtual Assistant, then an Online Business Manager and ran a big VA company for 10 of those years. One day, she decided that she wanted to run her own business and a bigger vision of helping more of the women entrepreneurs she met online.

Jennifer is a Mocha Gem who has made is her life’s mission empower and uplift other women. She and her business partner got together to discover how they could use their gifts to really make a difference and help women get more they want out of their business and life.

They show women how to use digital marketing tools and techniques to have their own successful business. They also know how important work/life balance is so they help women balance their priorities, manage stress, and keep a positive mindset.

Through Intentional Fate, they hope to inspire one million women to create the business and life of their dreams, by building a supportive and inspiring community.

Jennifer definitely encompasses all it means to be a MOcha Gem and works every day to be intentional in living and helping others live intentionally.

MOcha Gems Fun Facts

Jennifer’s Fun Facts

  • She has worked from home for 13 years!
  • Huge animal lover and she has two dogs and two cats.
  • She is an avid reader and normal reads 2-3 books at a time!

Her favorite quote:

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt”

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You can connect with Jennifer on Facebook and join the Facebook group called “Women Entrepreneurs Getting Intentional

Thank you, Jennifer, for all your efforts to help women live intentionally. You truly are a MOcha Gem who is helping other women discover the gems within.

Jennifer Gallagher is the founder of Intentional Fate. Jennifer is a woman who woke one day and realized there had to be more to life than her current circumstances. Find out more about Jennifer and how you can start living intentionally now. @authorwannmo

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