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Halfway through another week. Another day closer to Friday, and I don’t know about you but the weather in Delaware will be great this weekend. It’s also my husband’s birthday weekend so I am looking forward to the celebrations.

Our MOcha Gems are shining brightly. Each week more and more women are reaching out for a feature on  MOcha Gem Wednesday.

Today I am honored to shine the spotlight on this week’s MOcha Gem, Moni Jefferson founder of Dog Tags and Heels LLC, Virtual PR & Social Media Visibility Agency.  Moni is a Public Relations Professional, Entrepreneur Military spouse, and passionate life lover, who specializes in influencer and consumer PR. She believes everyone is newsworthy and works to help her clients build their brands and streamline their visions, in order to generate results and exceed their goals.

Moni specializes in creating public relations strategies, social media visibility, pitching or launching products/services.

Moni is also the founder of The MilSpouse Creative an online community for MilSpouse entrepreneurs to connect, collab, and cultivate. She is the creator of the MilCam App + MilEmoji App, both the first and only military lifestyle apps.

About Moni

Moni has a  B.A. in Communications & Public Relations from the University of North Carolina At Pembroke and member of Lambda Theta Alpha.

She is a proud Air Force spouse who married her best friend, Roy,  20 years ago. They have 3 brilliant children that keep her on her toes! Moni is a fiery Latina, huge life lover, spin addict and gets it all done with coffee, wine, and a few colorful words.

Moni is a MOcha Gem that embraces her uniqueness. She has been in business for about 5 years, yet being a military spouse has made it hard for her to build her career. However, in 2013 she took the leap and started her own virtual business. Moni admits “It was scary but what is life without fear, to see what could be if you don’t try”. Since taking the leap, she has built a successful PR career, built 2 military lifestyle apps (MilCam+MilEmoji), built a military spouse entrepreneur community(MilSpouse Creative), and has been asked to speak at events as a military spouse influencer and entrepreneur on many panels. For Moni, no matter what she is doing she encourages her fellow military spouse entrepreneurs to never let anyone dim their light and SHINE.

Moni definitely embodies what it takes to be a MOcha Gem. She is driven, ambitious, and determined to succeed. Moni is not afraid to let her light shine bright!

Moni’s Fun Facts:

  1. Spanish was her first language.
  2. She is addicted to Spin.
  3. Moni is a Military Spouse Entrepreneur
  4. She absolutely loves Reality TV
  5. She has never  lived in 1 place more than 3 years

Her favorite quote is: “Invest and  Advocate for yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to do so?”

Over on her website, Moni Jefferson PR, Moni offers PR services and templates for small business entrepreneurs. Her services include PR strategy, brand pitching, and increasing social media visibility. Moni also offers a great Media Kit checklist to help you create the perfect media kit for your brand.

Be sure to check out all of her great services at Moni Jefferson PR.

Thank you, Moni for being a part of MOGW and showing military spouses that they can own and operate businesses as well!

You can connect with Moni on her website and on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

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This week's #MOGW is @monijeffersonpr. She is a driven and ambitious woman doing great things and offering great services. Check her out now!-@authorwannmo


This week's #MOGW is @monijeffersonpr. She is a driven and ambitious woman doing great things and offering great services. Check her out now!-@authorwannmo

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