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Hello September! MOcha Gem Wednesday is back!

MOcha Gem Wednesday is back! I took a little hiatus to get some business in order but now I am back. I have some great MOcha Gems to bring your way in the coming weeks. All of these ladies define “greatness” in their own way.

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Our first MOGW for the month of September is…

Sarah Zammit Testa, Marketing with Sarah

About Sarah

Sarah is the owner of the group Sassy & Savvy Women Entrepreneurs on Facebook and Founder of Marketing With Sarah. She is a Digital Marketing Strategist (with 15+ years’ experience) that supports and empowers women entrepreneurs to grow their business online using effective digital marketing techniques.

She helps business owners optimize their social media presence, to attract and engage their ideal clients, and grow their online visibility. by developing winning strategies develop which then translates into leads and sales.

Sarah launched her “Marketing With Sarah’ brand in early 2018 to focus specifically on providing savvy and effective social media marketing solutions for businesses based in Malta, Europe and worldwide!

She offers a variety of  services including Social Media Management, SEO, Consultations & more. Sarah is on a mission to help Women entrepreneurs push to the top and break the glass ceiling.

Fun Facts about this week's Mocha Gem

Fun Facts about Sarah

  • When she was born the nurse (over the phone) accidentally told her dad he had another boy and not a girl! So he thought she was switched at birth. 🙂
  • She has an obsession with even numbers… When she can she switches an odd number to an even one (like on the car stereo volume!).
  • She can eat chocolate all day long! (But, who wouldn’t!?)

Her favorite quote inspirational quote is:

“What if I fall? Oh,but my darling,what if you fly?”- Erin Hanson

Sarah has all the tools needed to meet your social media needs. You can schedule a free consultation with her today.

Sarah also has a VIP membership club for sassy women entrepreneurs who want be savvy & build the business they deserve! This club offers access to a training library full of videos and guides on Digital Marketing, as well as monthly group coaching, weekly live training, checklists, planners, templates, and more. Join Sarah’s membership community today!

Thank you, Sarah for sharing your skills and talents to help fellow women entrepreneurs succeed. You truly are a MOcha Gem who is doing her part to help uplift and support her peers!

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