Myra Adele Logan

Myra Adele Logan

Physician, Surgeon, Anatomist

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Love Day! In honor of Valentine’s day and love,  we are celebrating Myra Adele Logan who in 1943 became the first woman to perform open heart surgery.

Although she made great strides in her medical career, we know very little about Myra Adele Logan, M.D.

  • Myra Logan was born in 1908 in Tuskegee, Alabama
  • Although rare at that time (for a black woman), Myra’s mother was college-educated and her father was involved with the Tuskegee Institute
  • She moved to New York to pursue a graduate degree after graduating as valedictorian at Atlanta University
  • She was the first recipient of the Walter Gray Crump Scholarship for Young Women which she used to attend Medical School.
  • Not only did she perform the first open heart surgery but during her career she studied new antibiotic drugs and performed life saving cancer research.

Ironically, despite the many lives she saved due to her cancer research, Ms. Logan succumbed to Lung cancer in 1977.

Ms. Logan’s accomplished great things.  This hidden figure is no longer hidden!



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Myra Adele Logan, M.D.-- First black woman to perform open heart surgery


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