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Our first MOcha Gem of the month is young Nia Mya Reese who in 2016, wrote a book about annoying little brothers. Nia wrote her book because she felt she had enough knowledge about dealing with little brothers. Nia’s book called, “How to Deal with and Care for Your Annoying Little Brother” is now a best-seller.

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This young lady is making big moves at a young age. In December 2017, Nia released her second book, Bully At School: A Bully’s Perspective. This book is unique because Nia talks about bullying but uses the perspective of a bully.

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Both of her books are good for children and families. Kids really love reading Nia’s books.

Get to know Nia Mya Reese

  1. Nia’s book was inspired by an assignment she was given in first grade. She had to write about an area where she was an expert. Nia felt she was an expert on annoying little brothers.
  2. Nia’s little brother, Ronald, is the reason she felt she was an expert on caring for and feeding little brothers.
  3. After reading her assignment, Nia’s mother, Cherinita  Ladd-Reese, encouraged her to turn the assignment into a book.
  4. Nia followed her mother’s advice and wrote her best-selling debut book in a few days time. Nia’s book has encouraged families, especially siblings to be more patient, kind, and caring towards each other no matter how annoying your family member may be.

Nia Mya Reese.

Write her name down. Remember it.

This young lady is well on her way to building her empire and leaving a lasting legacy, well before adulthood. Nia is proof that you are never too young to pursue your dreams.

Keep up the great work Nia!

You can get a copy of her best-selling book How to Deal with and Care for Your Annoying Little Brother as well as her new release, Bully At School: A Bully’s Perspective both available at Amazon!

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Nia Mya Reese


Nia Mya Reese

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