Tell All Tuesday: The Power of Storytelling

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There is great power when you tell your story.. Tap into your power and share your story.

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It’s Tuesday! Fresh off a great weekend and bringing you a new feature. I pride myself on being transparent and open with my story and my journey.

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As you know, I like to use my personal experiences as a backdrop for blog posts and stories. I first detailed my story in my book, Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds. This is my story from teen mom to success. In this book, I talk about my struggles as a teen parent who battled depression, thoughts of suicide, poverty, and more.

However, in spite of my struggles, I never let anything deter me from my goals and dreams. Over the years I may have been sidetracked or met with distractions, but nothing could keep me from my goals. Rising Above Statistics is not just my story, but it is also a guide, a resource, to help you get out of your own way, put the opinions of society aside, and finally live out your dreams and goals.

This book is for anyone determined to succeed. You can get your copy on Amazon or in my shop.

Everyone has a story.

During this blogging journey, I have had the chance to connect with some amazing women. Some I have featured on my blog and with others, I have had great conversations.  One thing I realized is that no matter with whom I connected, everyone had a story. All of us have a story that made us who we are today. Even more interesting, no matter our walk of life, many of us had commonalities in our stories such as self-esteem struggles, mental health issues, relationship, and life problems.

Too often social media, blogs, etc. give you the pretty picture of life. We often see the “AFTER” result but conveniently forget the “BEFORE”. We put our best representations of ourselves and our successes online, but we often do not discuss our areas of weakness or our failures. However, I have found that people not only want to hear about all the greatness in your life. People want to hear about your struggles, about the times you failed, the times you didn’t have it all together. People want to relate to you and know that you are human too and you don’t have it all together.

So why don’t we tell this side of the story?

Many people don’t want to talk about the bad or the not so glamorous side of life. Why? It’s easy, that narrative is not as pretty as the success narrative. The story, the struggle, the process– that narrative requires a lot more transparency, a lot more openness, and honestly vulnerability. Many people are uncomfortable in the vulnerable stage of life, failing to realize that through vulnerability, through transparency, they can reach more people than their success narrative ever can.

People want to hear about the journey, about the process. They want to see that although their life is currently like X, if they keep working, keep striving, keep doing they can make it to Y. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to tell every detail of your life. In fact, you shouldn’t tell everything. You must maintain some privacy in life. However, there is a way to tell your story, without telling all of your business.

That’s right. People get confused when telling their story. Just because you are open and honest with your life’s struggles does not mean you have to tell all of your business. You can maintain your privacy even in the openness of storytelling.

What's Your Story? written on chalkboard

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience and your peers and I can’t wait to share some great stories with you. These are stories of greatness, stories of redemption, stories of victory. Everyone featured has a story and a message. #TellAllTuesday allows you to tell your story in hopes to encourage and inspire someone else. This idea came from an upcoming MOcha Gem Wednesday feature. This young lady contacted me to be a part of #MOGW, however, her story is so compelling that I invited her to tell her story on my blog. She took #MOGW a step further and through this the idea of Tell It Tuesday was birthed.  I can’t wait to share her story of pain, abuse, struggle, but most importantly redemption and self-care with you.

By opening up and telling your story, you have the power to change the world, one person at a time. When you tell your story, you never know who is listening and who is being transformed by the dynamics of your story. Imagine planting little seeds within your garden and in months they grow into small plants and eventually they become full grown and fully blossomed. Your story has this same power. it’s the little details, the parts of your story, that people are able to take with them and use as a guide for their lives.

It is my hope by opening up this avenue of storytelling, someone may come across a story of inspiration and realize they can live through whatever their current struggle. It is my hope that someone will connect and relate to a story and realize “I don’t have to end my life. I can and I will survive.”

So, on Tell All Tuesday, I invite you to tell your story. Tell your story in hopes of encouraging, inspiring, and empowering someone else.

Rising Above Statistics books on coffee tableYou can read my story in my book Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds available at Amazon and in my shop. You can also get a free preview to start uncovering the gems within my story. Contact me for details.

If you are interested in telling your story for #TellAllTuesday, please contact me for details.

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There is great power when you tell your story.. Tap into your power and share your story. Don't be afraid to share your story with someone. Your story may save a life. @authorwannmo


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