Rebecca Lee Crumpler


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Today’s Phenomenal Woman:

Rebecca Lee Crumpler (1831 – 1895)


  • First black woman in the United States to earn an M.D. degree (this fact has been disputed and attributed to Rebecca Cole
  • Born in Delaware
  • Attended the New England Female Medical College and became the only African-American to graduate and the first black woman to earn a medical degree
  • 1883- Her ‘Book of Medical Discourses’ is one of the very first medical publications by an African-American – this was a book with medical advice for women and children
  • She worked with the Freedmen’s Bureau, community and missionary groups to provide care to freed slaves with no access to medical care.
  • No other photos or other images of Dr. Crumpler survive from her lifetime. The little known about Dr. Crumpler comes from her book.


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