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What are statistics?

According to Webster’ s Dictionary, statistics are “1:  a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data;  2: a collection of quantitative data”.


This data (or numbers) is gathered from small groups or sample population, then used to create generalizations about an entire group. Statistics affect all of us. Usually, along with the statistics come assumptions or what we typically refer to as stereotypes. Stereotypes are preconceived notions, usually in regards to a group of people. These preconceived notions are often hateful, ignorant, and in some cases completely absurd.


However, stereotypes often exist in absence of the statistics, meaning a person can have an assumption about a group of people and statistical data can show the complete opposites. These stereotypes are then spread as fact without regard to fact-checking. This leads to a misinformed society walking around with preconceived notions not based on fact.   This has a detrimental effect on not only those who are judged and labeled but also those that hold the stereotype as truth.


Thus leading to a very misinformed and misguided society, which is not good for anyone.




Statistical stereotypes affect everyone. There are stereotypes about single mothers, single parent households, children raised without fathers, children born drug addicted, foster children, people with disabilities, black people, white people, Hispanics, high school dropouts, even short and tall people, and those with blonde hair. Some of these stereotypes are funny but overall even the funniest stereotype can have a negative effect on an entire group of people.


Stereotypes affect everyone


Furthermore, some of these stereotypes originate from gathered data turned statistics to help support such a belief.  These numbers often hold dire outcomes for the population of people leading people to automatically typecast someone who falls within the population. So what do you do when you find yourself bound by statistical expectations? What do you do when society automatically looks at you and assumes because you are the single mother you are this or because you are/were a foster child you are that? You can easily accept the labels placed on you by society. Sure, you can accept what others say about you and live up to what they expect. Yep, that is easy.


Or you can make the choice to defy the odds, fight against stereotypes, and rise above those statistics.

Time for change


I did it and you can too.

My journey was not easy. It was hard, it was a struggle, but I made it through. Becoming a teen mom was not in my plans; however, I made the necessary adjustments to reach my goals. I created a new life plan and tackled my circumstances one at a time. I battled stereotypes, naysayers, depression, thoughts of suicide, some days I even battled with myself on if the fight was worth it. The fight was worth it and to this day I actively work on bettering myself more and more every day.


Therefore, I refuse to accept what society says about me or the box they try to put me in. Each day, I am going to do better, be better, and act better. There is no room for others expectations over here.  I will create my own lane and live out my unique life story. I will continue to look adversity in the eye and confront it head on!


Key to success

The choice is yours!

What will you do? What choice will you make? You hold the key to your success. I encourage you to create your own lane and live out your dreams and desire. Stop trying to fit in the box or make your goals fit what “they say”. Do not allow any person to dictate your success. Repeat after me: “I refuse to be a statistic”. Say it. Shout it. Scream it,  until you believe it.




Be encouraged. You are a winner. You are victorious.

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I win


You Can Do It


You are a winner


I Refuse to Be A Statistic
I refuse to be a statistic


Refuse to be a statistic



You are a winner. Victorious. A conqueror. You can't be defeated @authorwannmo


All things are possible when you believe! Believe it and you can acheive it!

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