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It’s Monday. Usually I hit you with a “Happy Monday” or #MEMonday post. However, for the second week in a row, I woke up to news of a friend passing away. Last week, a high school friend suddenly passed and just this morning I learned of another friend passing.

These past couple weeks have cause me to take a step back and do a lot of self-examination. I had great content planned. Different ideas I wanted to roll out on my blog. Different strategies I planned to implement to grow my reach, increase my traffic, and monetize my blog, but suddenly the content schedule and strategies didn’t matter. All that mattered was life.

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People my age (under 40) just suddenly losing their lives. Dying from illnesses that you usually hear of older people succumbing to or for reasons unknown. This literally cause you to take a step back and realize what really matters.

In the grand scheme of life, do the issues you have at work really matter? Should these issues monopolize your day and your mind? Does it really matter how many followers you have or how much traffic you get to your blog? The big picture of life will anyone care how fast your monetized your business or grew you reach? And lastly, will anyone even care about a perfectly designed Instagram or 2,000 likes per post?


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When it comes to life NONE of the above matters. No one will care how keyword rich your captions are or how high your title ranks in SEO. No one will care how you made thousands of dollars on you blog in thirty days. When it comes to life, all of this is obsolete.

So tell me, what really matters? In this thing called life, what matters to you? What will people remember about you? Ask yourself these questions. What will the “-” stand for between the dates your are born and die? If you struggle to find answers, then I suggest you go back to the drawing board and rethink the life you are living?

Have you been so engrossed in growing your business that you have forgotten about core basic values and relationships? Have you taken advantage of moments to meet new people and form connections to pitch your brand or sell a product? Or furthermore, have you neglected your family in this rush to make the mighty dollar. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I need you to STOP right now.

Take a moment to regroup and remember the important things in life. Remember your “WHY”. Remember your reasons for embarking on this journey. Refocus on your dreams and goals, and remember the real source of your motivation


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Everything else is truly insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

To those grieving and suffering losses, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember each day you wake up, you are blessed to see another day. You have an assignment, a mission.

Don’t be blindsided by distractions. It is so easy to lose to sight of your vision in this world full of smoke screens and mirrors.

So yes, I still have great content coming your way, but sometimes it’s necessary to pause, go back to basics, and remember why you started dream living in the first place.

Remember your WHY!


Life is full of distractions. It's so easy to lose focus of your dreams by all that happens around you. You cannot lose sight of why you started on this journey. You started pursing your dream because you had a passion to be an entrepreneur. Don't let that passion get lost in the chaos. Remember your why. Remember what motivated you to get started and go for it. @authorwannmo

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