The One Thing I Did To Skyrocket Traffic To My Blog

The one thing I did to skyrocket traffic to my blog. It's simple and easy. One tool you can use to get the results you want via @authorwannmo

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Pinterest is growing in popularity.

Everywhere you look, people are talking about Pinterest. You see numerous blog headlines with tips on how to explode blog traffic using Pinterest or details on the new Pinterest strategy.

If you are like me, you created a Pinterest account years ago. You occasionally visit the app, re-pin things of interest, pin posts you view online that you want to save for later, and go about your day. You focus all of your business marketing and strategy around FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and your website, toying with Pinterest when you need a break or to do something different.

Well, guess what?

You’ve got it all wrong! The way you are thinking of Pinterest is just plain wrong and you are missing out on a huge marketing tool for your brand and/or business.


For too long you have viewed Pinterest as just a social media outlet when in fact Pinterest is also a search engine. Think about, when you go to Pinterest what do you usually do? You don’t look and see what your friends posted, nor do you comment on status updates. Typically when you go to Pinterest you are searching for something. This means if you are in search of something, everyone else who visits the app is also looking around to see what they can find about a particular topic. You follow people with similar interests so you can find new ideas for your topic of choice. In my opinion, this makes Pinterest a social media search engine.

Never thought about it that way, have you?

I will admit neither did I. Even a few months ago when I was learning about Pinterest business accounts and building my brand, I still didn’t think of it as a search engine, let alone a place where I can increase traffic to blog.

So what changed? What is with all the Pinterest hype? Furthermore, Is there any truth to this so-called new strategy of success for Pinterest?

The answer is a big YES!

In the past few weeks, I have become a believer in the marketing capabilities of Pinterest. Not just because of what people say, but because I have tried numerous methods and everything is working great so far.

I admit  I didn’t believe in Pinterest at first but now through trial and error, I have found out how great it really is.  I went from barely using Pinterest to suddenly becoming addicted to finding and sharing new information, joining group boards, and creating high-quality pins to share with my followers.

If you want to see a quick increase in blog traffic and you want to reach more people at a quicker rate Pinterest is the way to go. Pinterest drives an insane amount of traffic making it easy to generate links that direct back to your blog. Plus, believe it or not, people engage on Pinterest at a high rate.

I can’t believe how quickly my Pinterest account turned around. In just about two weeks, I went from zero engagement on my blog to increased impressions daily. I am seeing an increase in followers, impressions, and traffic to my blog.

Take a look for yourself.

Honesty and transparency are big to me so I am going to show you just how far I have come in a couple weeks. Many people wait to share until they have numbers in the tens of thousands or millions but I believe in showing the grassroots efforts.

Now my numbers are low compared to others, but I want to show you just how you can start to grow your audience and engagement. I want you to no that no matter where you are right now, you can grow your blog and explode traffic.

So here it goes. 

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission. This will not cost you any extra money, however your support will help keep this site up and running. Please check out my full disclosure policy for details. Thanks in advance for your support!*

I ventured into overhauling my Pinterest on January 29, 2018. For a long while, I had a business account but I was not taking advantage of all the features of this tool.  I did my research and found out how exactly to tweak my account to benefit my business. I wish I took a before picture but I didn’t. However, here is my revamped Pinterest Business Account profile.

Make sure your profile name and description is optimized for your niche. Tell people what you can do for them.

Next, multiple articles pointed out the importance of having Search-Engined Optimized (SEO) board names. Yes, I had cutesy names for my boards, but realizing now that Pinterest acts as a search engine,it makes sense to have SEO board name. So I researched keywords for different boards and made changed my board names accordingly.

Now I have SEO board names such as “Blogging Tips”, “Monetize Your Blog”, “Self-Care Ideas”, “Motivational Quotes”, etc.

Next, I came across more vital information that mentioned the importance of business accounts having branded custom board covers. I was skeptical about this at first (after all, how can a board cover change my Pinterest impressions). However, I l ventured over to Canva and created branded board covers.

After, creating my custom board covers, I uploaded the images to each board and designated the cover photo. I must say the covers gave my boards a nice, professional business look and clean design. Also, believe it or not, my profile impressions skyrocketed in 24 hours.

Before Brand Board Covers 

Pin board beforePin Boards BeforePin Boards beforeBefore Pinterest Boards  

(Sorry the above images aren’t very clear. Capturing these were a last minute thought right after I started making changes)

I went through and designed each of my boards so they were uniform in appearance. Vertical Pins are the new look so suggested image size for pins is 800 x 1500.  Here is an example of one of my board covers (this image is not true to size)

Board Cover

After Brand Board Covers

As you can see, these custom board covers have given my Pinterest account a sleek, more professional look.

After Pin 

pin board afterPin board after

So as you can see the appearance is much neater. FYI the boards that do not have covers are group boards owned by someone else.

Now that all of that is out of the way.

Once I completed all the technical mumbo-jumbo it was time for me to start effectively using my account. I’ll let you in on a little secret “the more you pin, the more your presence grows and the more your views and followers will grow over time”. It’s not really a secret, kind of like common sense, but not too common. Pinterest is just like anything else in life. You have to use it in order to see the benefit.

Pin consistently

I started pinning 50-100 pins a day and I do all of this manually. Some people use automated schedulers like Tailwind or Board Booster to keep up with the high demand pinning schedule. However for now manually pinning is working for me. I break it up into segments throughout the day and so far so good. Manual pinning works for me, but you may find you need a scheduler such as Tailwind or Board Booster. I have heard great things about Tailwind and Board Booster and from my understanding they are both great tools to use. 

Also, I  joined a few group boards. Group Boards allow you to collaborate with others who have similar interests and everyone posts and shares from one board. This works well because not only are you sharing your pins with a group of non-followers but most likely your fellow collaborators will re-pin one of your pins and it gets shared with their audience. Group boards are definitely another way to quickly grow your reach on Pinterest. I belong to several boards and have also started a few collaborative boards of my own.


Here are my group boards currently open to collaborators. Take a look at the description and follow the instructions on how to join

Women Bloggers

Fempreneurs (Female Entrepreneurs)

Brown Girls Blog

Moms Blog Too

Pinterest is definitely a great marketing tool for entrepreneurs and bloggers alike. It is not just for food, DIY, recipes, or exercise ideas. Pinterest has grown into a great market and is easily becoming my favorite social media marketing tool.



It is possible to grow your Pinterest numbers quickly no matter how many followers you have. I have seen an increase in my numbers since implementing all of the above strategies. Take a look. Here are some insights from my Pinterest over the past few weeks.


These are my latest Pinterest Analytics as of 2/7/18

2718 Pinterest Overview


These are my impressions from January 28th (the day before I started making changes compared to February 6th almost two weeks later. Look at the big difference the above strategies made to my Pinterest account.

These images show how many impressions changed from the week before I started making changes up through February 6th. Again, a big change in interactions.

People I Reach

The number of people I reach also increased drastically.

January 7th vs. February 5th


Traffic to website

This change in numbers is the most significant for me. Before implementing these changes to how I use Pinterest I was getting ZERO, that’s right ZERO traffic to my website. Since making the change, my traffic has increased quickly and so have my subscribers.

It’s still a work in progress

My numbers are not that high. My traffic is not yet exploding but going 0 impressions and viewers to over 500 of both in almost two weeks  time is pretty good. As you can see, I still have a way to go but the growth has been steady since I used the strategies above to revamp my Pinterest account.

I’m proud of my Zero to hundreds turnaround and wanted to share it with you so that you know everyone starts somewhere. While some show of hundreds of thousands, I wanted to show the rest of us that growth is possible. Find something that works for you and create your own path towards success. I’m excited to learn more about Pinterest and share what I learn with each of you.

UPDATE: As of 2/17/18-  Pinterest Monthly Views: 32.8k, Daily Impressions 3.2k, Traffic to website 2.3k

The Pinterest method works for me. How about you?

Do you believe in the marketing capabilities of Pinterest? Are you ready to revamp your account? I have placed all of these tips and strategies into a cheat sheet just for you. Get your copy of my “Essential Things for Pinterest” cheat sheet here. Watch your audience grow and traffic increase as you develop your success strategy.


Join my community now to get the latest updates and receive your Pinterest cheat sheet. 


I would love to hear your thoughts on Pinterest and your plans for implementation. Comment below or contact me


The one thing I did to skyrocket traffic to my blog. It's simple and easy. Do this one thing and see results via @authorwannmo


The one app you must have to skyrocket traffic to your blog. It's simple and easy. One tool you can use to get the results


The one app that will skyrocket traffic to your blog. It's simple and easy. One tool you can use to get the results


See just how my blog traffic went from 0 to 2.3k in 21 days. The one thing I did to skyrocket traffic to my blog. It's simple and easy. Do this one thing and see results via @authorwannmo


See just how my blog traffic went from 0 to 2.3k in 21 days. The one thing I did to skyrocket traffic to my blog. It's simple and easy. Do this one thing and see results via @authorwannmo


See just how my blog traffic went from 0 to 2.3k in 21 days. The one thing I did to skyrocket traffic to my blog. It's simple and easy. Do this one thing and see results via @authorwannmo


The one app you must have to skyrocket traffic to your blog. It's simple and easy. One tool you can use to get the results
The one thing I did to skyrocket traffic to my blog. It's simple and easy. One tool you can use to get the results you want via @authorwannmo

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    1. Glad you found the information helpful. I just wanted to give my realistic perspective. I would read posts about blog traffic increasing to 1000 overnight and feel like I’m doing something wrong. I wanted to show it is a work in progressive and while my numbers may not have jumped into the thousands there was a significant increase in traffic to my blog. Best wishes for your blog!

  1. This is probably one of the best posts I’ve read on Pinterest marketing! Your tips are clear and straightforward – no fluff! Pinterest is a huge resource waiting to be tapped, and so many business women fail to realize it.

    1. Thank you. I just wanted to be straightforward and honest. No promises or jumping to hundreds of thousands overnight. I wanted to show if you do the work, you will see results. I agree Pinterest is a hidden gem which offers so many benefits for business. Thanks again for commenting!

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